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From Newark, DE — 05/30/2010

UPS is not a bad place to work...if you can meet their expectations from the start. If after the first week you aren't able to load the trucks exactly how they want you to without any errors after a week then you can say goodbye to your job. If you are in the military however, don't bother planning on applying at the Newark building. They wont work with you for giving you time off. I told them I needed one day off to sign my contract with the Army Reserves after working there for two months without missing a day. Needless to say I was unemployed the next day.

Not a bad place to work if you don't mind working in a dirty warehouse and being held to near impossible standards. The pay is not too bad if you get past the first ten weeks of paying 37.50 a week to get into the union.

Just not a place that supports those of us fighting for our country.
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