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From sparks, nevada — 03/18/2010

Some things about this job are depressing. When I first started I was told that after I put in 7 years I could advance to full time. Not only is this a false promise but I have friends who have been with UPS for 10+ years who are unable to obtain a full time position. What really drove this home for me is the fact that all of the current drivers are 30-40 years old. You never see a twenty something guy driving. It doesnt happen. I liken becoming a driver to winning the lottery. The odds are about the same. I worked here for 4 years and I am a lifetime away from being a full time employee. Makes you realize that this is nothing more than a job to get you health insurance and a few hundred dollars a week. You cannot buy a car or buy anything nice at all on the part time salary. You will barely be able to pay your car insurance if you already got a car.

The work is hard but I am a man and I dont mind hard work. I dont mind the fact that theres inadequate heating and air conditioning. I mean lets be honest the cost to heat and cool a warehouse of this size would be a rediculous amount of money. So I let that slide. Management is not so bad, in fact they are just like us only they dont have to do physical labor. They get it hard in the ass from employees who will treat them like shit and there is nothing they can do about it. I feel bad for them sometimes and I know I wouldnt do their job. I am convinced the unions only job is to protect the truly worthless and incompitant or plain lazy employees. At any other company they would be fired immediatly but at UPS they are equal to even the hardest workers among us.
I already do 5 other lazy peoples jobs for them. Fire those bastards and give me a damn pay raise! Not only would the company as a whole be more efficient and productive but morale amongst the employees would be through the roof. Only the best of the best would remain and we would get along fine knowing we all have the same goal to do the job as best as we can. Trash this fucking union so the pay scale is more equal between drivers and part timers. Or make the part timers full time at least. We sweat and toil wishing we could have the driver job. We drive beaters with two jobs while they sport brand new trucks and motorcycles. They get to sit on their ass and run door to door while we sweat in the warehouse loading their trucks. God forbid we load their truck in a manner unfit to thier liking. Sorry man but while I was loading 5 other trucks and getting package flow crammed in my ass I happened to get a little sloppy on your truck. My bad but I been here for 5 hours and only made $60 while you will make that in 2 hours sitting on your ass. Maybe I shouldnt have to load all 5 of the bussiest trucks because the retard next to me is too lazy to even do his 1 truck right. I am young, so they take extra advantage of me and work my youth away. I wonder how much my body has aged at 22 as a result.
I really am sorry to bitch about the drivers so much because most of you guys are pretty good guys and I like most of you. Especially since they were once in the same boat as me. I am just frustrated knowing that I will never get the same opportunity. I wonder how long I will be able to stay at this place and still look at myself in the mirror. Its getting harder and harder. The benifits are the only thing that keeps me here.
The money they pay forces you to get another job. Either that or you gotta depend on somebody else to support you. I wish I could have one job, that would be a welcomed relief.
Management is slimey. They try to cheat you out of hours weekly. I have never got a SOR that correctly listed my hours. Every week I must adjust it. I dont know why they do it either but they always short me a half hour on at least a few days. I dont understand whats so hard about reading when I clock in/out and paying me for it.
Someone told me once that the packages contained on one single trailer make enough profit to pay every hourly's salary in the building for a week. I wonder where the rest of the profits go? How about dedicating another trailer full of boxes to our salaries? We do after all unload thousands of the fuckers a year. Could you imagine if every employee got paid for the specific amount of boxes he loaded or unloaded? That would increase peoples drive to work hard as well. I would make a shitload of money if that were the case. I unload 8 trailers to every 2 for most other employees. Yet we get paid the same. In most cases even less. Now that is bullshit. I am physically making the company more money and I am not benifiting from making them that extra profit. In fact I am usually penalized and more is demanded out of me.

Really I am just tired of being poor. I had to quit school so I could get another job and support myself as ups doesnt fully pay for school. So now my life is absolutely fucked. I have no hope to do anything more with my life. Might as well settle in and get used to the suck.
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