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From huntingburg indiana — 01/27/2010

I am a preload sup for a small ups center. I started off at a different center working the local sort shift about a year after i hired on the preload sup job that I now have became available. During the hiring process for this position I was never told what my pay rate would be even though I asked several times I was always answered with "I can"t really tell you quite yet." I waited about a month to hear anything after my interview, then I arrived for work one day, and my supervisor informed me that I had gotten the job and that i was to report Monday morning at 3:45am. Now i have been in this postion for about a year, and everyday I am reminded of just how corrupt this company really is from top to bottom, management to hourly employees. Now that I am on the management side of things I relize how the union is such a joke. Union employees can basically do whatever they want with no more punishment than a simple write up. I have delt with many union employees that have been with ups for five or more years. I have been cussed at, threatened and harrassed since I have been in management. Throughout all these incendents the most severe punishment that I was allowed to give was a write up in the employee record book. This company has for years and will continue to blame its management employees, while hourly employees get away with murder. I hope that if union employees read this they will relize that its not always our fault you need to look a bit higher than your shift sup to find the root of your problems!!!
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