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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From 02338 — 09/16/2009

this is for union employees

Pay- I dont know how you can complain about the pay...30$ an hour plus overtime for delivering parcels, no education required isnt so bad. Thats not even counting the pension and health benefits either.

Respect- That can get a little rough there. Management has so much pressure on themselves that they expect unrealistic thing; which causes disrespect

Job Security- You have to really fuck up to get fired if your in the union. Stealing, or pretty much fighting someone in the building are the only ways. Getting alot of customer complaints might hurt you as well

Work/life balance- Always weekends off so thats a plus....Days can be long during the week tho, 9.5-10 hour days daily. Takes away from family time

Career- If you start young, the career growth is pretty solid. Put your time in and you can get a driver job after average 5 years. If you plan on getting into UPS earlier, you might have some trouble.

Location- 15 minutes away, no complaints

Work Environment- It could definitely be better, lol
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