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From Las Vegas, NV — 09/14/2009

UPS doesn't care about anyone but themselves. Once you become a supervisor, you are strongly hated by the hourly employees. While working in the Management department your ass is always on the line. The higher management group are always yelling at you and threatening your job. Whatever you do, it very seems to be good enough. If someone in your management team screws up (which is very likely because the people that get promoted are unfit to fill in that position) you have to take the lame and you need to fit it. They make you do things that are unrealistic goals to achieve and they make you do these damn write-up explaining why you couldn't do your job whether it was your fault or not. Most people who work for UPS are not educated very well or if any and it also depends on the demographic. The Union Steward are constantly on your back if you are in the Management department. Hourly employees are always complaining and run to their union rep so they can get the management people in trouble. Nothing you do at UPS is good enough and it doesn't matter how long you have been with the company no one cares! UPS also has this seniority policy which I think needs to be reassessed. You have someone who has been there for 5 years or has been there longer than their peers, they seem to have the right to not work as hard. The longer an hourly worker has been with the company the more pain in the ass they become. They want to get paid more than they think they should not with little or no work involved. In addition, Employees seems to come to work whenever they feel like it and it is nearly impossible to hold them accountable. You can write up an employee a thousand times and they still won't get fired. "If" they get fired for stealing or something like that they just come back within a day or two due to the damn Union. Union and Hourly employees think and they do most of the time get away with walking all over management people. The sad part of all of this is that Management has no power in controlling their employees. Everyday all the part-time supervisors meet with their full-timers and get yelled at for everything including not holding the hourly employees accountable. Supervisors are told to do documentation to hold the hourly employees accountable but it is useless and a waste of time since they don't do anything to their employees. UPS is extremely a stressful job and they have no problem screwing you. I've worked in all the areas of the hub and promoted to a management position for three years and everyday I just got more miserable working for this company.
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