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From MN — 06/13/2009

I have worked for UPS PT for almost 6 years now. I know working for UPS isn't the most fun. Its really boring and is the same everyday. When I started working at UPS, I worked my tail off everyday. I went from an easy job (small sort) to a hard one (loading). After about a year my sup asked me if I liked my job. I told him I hated it. A few days later I was moved to a different area (address correction) and have been there since. I always say to my co workers, for the pay we gat and the benefits we get, its not that bad of a job. They have gotten better IMO of dealing with employees and being more flexible with days off, being sick, ect. I think of you stick it out like I have for 6 years, you get the respect from supervisors. It takes a different kind of person to work at UPS, but for me it has been a good experience.
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