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From USA — 05/27/2009

I think itís really interesting that the things that people are complaining about here (pay, hours, workload and environment) are ALL things that you are well aware of before you are offered a job at UPS. Before I had an interview I was given a building walk through with a group of applicants, and we were told about the pay, hours, benefits and everything else. The HR rep told us that we would work our asses off, every day.

Honestly, what did you people expect? Did you expect a company to give you free benefits for you + family and tuition reimbursement for nothing? Of course the work is hard, the environment is either too hot or too cold, you get dirty and you sweat. Many people seem to have no problem with these things. If you think about it in a positive way, you get paid to work out! How can you beat getting free benefits for 3-4 hours of work a day? Of course there are days when I feel exhausted and hate the job, but most days I think itís a lot of fun. If you go to work with the right attitude, it doesnít have to suck.

I agree that some of the management can get a little out of line with yelling and pressing people to work harder and faster, but I also understand the pressure theyíre under to make their numbers. There is a reason UPS is a fortune 50 company, and running productivity is a huge part of that. I just donít take it personally.

I disagree that there are no opportunities to advance at UPS. Everyone I know who is in management or driving at UPS started as a package handler. The company tries to only promote from within, unless there are no qualified inside candidates. I donít really know of many other companies who try so hard to hire from within.
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