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From Columbus, Ohio — 08/04/2008

I started working at UPS as a temp (Administrative Assistant) and begged them to hire me - what a mistake. The workplace is filthy (including offices), the people in the Hub are the most miserable people with the worst attitude towards work and life. If you oppose to obscene language (both in the office and Hub), don't work here. Obscene language flows like water at UPS. Don't really socialize with anyone because I don't trust anyone. My pay is not the best and there is no hope for advancement. My pay raises stink. The harder you work, the less they appreciate you and the more they expect from you. Slackers, continue to slack off with no dicipline from management. I really can't say one good thing about UPS, except it's a job. In the summer, you suffer from heat exhaustion and in the winter, you freeze to death. You are expected to be at work "no matter what" during the worst weather conditions (not really worried about your safety). If you do miss work, management ignores you for days. I could go on for hours - if you're thinking about working for UPS - please think twice.
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