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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth2
Work Environment3

From Madison, WI — 06/19/2008

According to and a few other online places the pay is lower than comparable private companies by 10-20%. I have not found that to be true in my job searches.

Respect is so-so as it depends on the co-worker and/or boss, like most places.

I have found no other place that even comes close to matching benefits - 200 hours vacation/personal leave, paid holidays, 8-hours per month in sick leave that never expires and gets converted to medical insurance on retirement, etc.

Job security is excellent if you pass the 6-month probation. No one ever gets fired, which can be a drawback.

Work/life balance depends on your boss. Generally this is pretty good though.

Career potential/growth sucks. They hire for each position, no incentive for good work/merit, so no way to move up through the ranks except to leave a current department and go somewhere else.

Location is Madison. Voted at times a best place to live, but in reality it is probably one of the most rude places I have lived. It is just that people here are so self-adsorbed that they don't know anyone else is around.

Co-worker competence can be quite low - face it, if they pass probation they never have to work again and won't get fired. Many people take advantage of that.

Work environment. Can be good or dicey depending on what part of the UW you work in.
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