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From Atlanta, GA — 06/23/2010

I am sad that I am having to give a good company such low ratings. UoP has been good to me over the 3 years 4 months I was there. My biggest concern is that UoP is a company and their product is education. I am not sure everyone comes to the table with that understanding. Every school needs to make money don't be confused. Some have different ways of making it, but the end result is the same. My second largest issue is that the target market for UoP students isn't one that particularly the best for a 4 year commitment to something that doesn't really have a product. If I buy a car I have a physical car to look at, drive and so on. In education/college I don't have that same physical item. This fact tends to make education very vague to their students. It's hard for them to grasp that the "physical product" will be a possible job/better pay/ job promotion after finishing school.

I am not sure how UoP will overcome these really serious issues, but I wish them the best.
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