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From Memphis, TN — 04/06/2010

I have close to two years of experience as an enrollment counselor. First, realize this is a sales job. If you come from a commission only job this might be perfect for you. They do have reasonable sales expectations with the total number of leads given to you. If you are not comfortable selling a product, this would be a terrible job fit. The company will hold you to their sales expectations, if you cannot meet them then the company will eventually let you go. Company culture completely depends on what campus and what division you are in. Enrollment has a stereotypical sales culture. Academics has a friendly, and very 'hugging' culture. Finance has a culture that is about numbers. If you fit into these styles, it can be a great job for you. Company benefits and salary are great, especially for top performers. Essentially you can almost double your pay every year. That is not the average, those are the best performers. Retention is an issue with counselors. Many people get into the job and find it isn't what they are looking for, or not a good fit for them. We lose around one quarter of the counselors we hire in the first six months. That isn't because the company is bad (your campus might be though), it is because they weren't a good fit. If you want a job as a counselor, as yourself this: 1) Am I comfortable selling?, 2) Can I be successful in a pressure filled environment?, 3) What type of company culture do I like? These three questions are very important before you begin a job here. It is high pressure, but also high reward. I had major surgery around six months ago, and I had $100 out of pocket. Not many companies match that in health benefits. Promotions are pretty quick for top performers as well. If you are an average performer this is not the type of job you will want. You will be micromanaged by a manager and director. Great for people with heavy sales experience. By the way, you do not ever have to recruit 25 students a month (responding to a previous post). Expectations are reasonable for skilled salespeople.
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