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From Phoenix, AZ — 01/17/2009

I worked as an Academic Counselor for U of P for a very short time. The training I got was okay but very rushed. It was extremely difficult to learn what was required in the short time we were trained. U of P makes you take a test to get out of training and into a full time position. I trained at a location that was about a 30 min. commute, not bad, but was placed at a location that was over a 45 min. commute. We had no idea what location we would be sent to until after training. Not a nice feeling. The building itself was gorgeous--nice views of the Valley and wonderful amenities--a truly delicious and clean lunchroom, kind of pricey, and even a gym on the first floor. I hated to leave it.

Work environment was okay. I felt respected enough. Some co-workers were very professional and fun, some not. It's the same everywhere. Management was alright. The people in security spooked me, though. I always felt over-scrutinized when I came in everyday of training just because my id was a temporary. (You don't get an actual photo id until you nearly finish training.) Sometimes they made me stop so they could check me against the database before they let me through.

Career Potential I felt was not very good. I heard some stories from employees who had been there many years in the same positions and had been refused promotions over and over. And these were not stumble-bums--they had cubicles full of awards.

Work/Life balance was very good. I always worked 8-5--no weekends. Nice.

No comment on benefits as I was not there long enough. (I managed to last 3 months.) This was due to sheer boredom with the job, the lousy pay and to all the hand holding required of the counselors. Geez! These are supposed to be adults attending college, not idiots. Why should I have to contact an adult for not attending classes?

Pay stinks at U of P. Even with my B.A. and many years of customer service and counseling experience, I still started at $30,000/year. I just could not make my bills on that.

I would not work at U of P again unless I absolutely had to. And I would not take classes there again. I took two lower division classes at an on-sight location because I had to get them done very quickly. They are very overpriced, especially 100-200 level classes. Go to a community college for that and save your money.
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