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From Tempe,AZ — 09/05/2008

I truely beleive that working for the iniversity of phoenix is what you make it. Just like with every other job, if you go in hating your life you are going to leave hating it just the same. Yes the job has its ups and downs. It is a "sales" job, but you also have to remember that UOP is a for profit university. They don't receive any state funding to keep the doors open. You can be successful at your job without being unethical. YOu have to work hard and keep a posistive attitude. There have been times when I enrolled someone that in my opinion was not going to be successful. Thats where my job in enrollment and customer service is very important. Some of my best students didn't even know how to copy and paste or how to use their email. Sometimes all these people need is someone to beleive in them. Its not our place to tell someone "you know, I think you ate paint chips as a child and you're going to fail. So I won't enroll you." That in my opinion would be the unethical thing to do. Its our job to inform them of what they are getting into. Its up to them if is best for them. I have plenty of people tell me no a day. These people are grown adults and can make up their own minds what right for them.I make sure they understand its not the easy way to a degree. I don't know where people are getting the idea that we aren't customer service oriented. Isn't walking stdnt throught every app, doing pre-walks, walks to class, the ECS, the workshops... following up with our stdnt a huge part of customer service. If you aren't doing those ethings then you aren't doing your job to the fullest and thats why you look at the job as just a high pressure sales job. Yes some managers are unethical; thats going to be at every job you have. In the corproate world people will always be throwing someone under the bus. If your manager is being unethical, breaking FERPA policy, not training properly and you haven't spoken up. Then you have no room to be upset with the job. HR is there for a reason, if you have a problem go to them. I have never lied to get a REG. I have never stolen leads for a REG. I don't manipulate talk time or dials. I go in and do what best for my stdt and the numbers come naturally. I'm not a top preformer, but I am not doing poroly with my job either. I love my co-workers. The work enviroment is awesome and they are very frequesntly having spirit weeks. The company gives us a ton of vacation time, sick time is earned every payperiod. UOP really takes care of their employees. Compared to most jobs the pay is awesome.
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