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From Columbia — 04/11/2008

Pay for IT workers is around 30% lower than in industry. Benefits have gone downhill since I started working there.

I got a promotion one year and actually made less money that year because our health care cost went up and we lost our on call pay.

I don't know what it takes to get fired. Pretty much if you half-ass things and don't get in the manager's way, they like it.

Work/Life balance is generally OK. Usually not expected to do much overtime except for maintenance windows.

Career Potential - It is very difficult to get into management. People get promoted to management without any management experience and then never go away. Things that would get managers fired in any business setting are status quo. There is actually a checkbox on the application form to indicate if you're related to a person on the board of curators.

Co-workers are generally nice and congenial and enjoy the university atmosphere.

Columbia, Missouri is a great location - midway between St. Louis and Kansas City. It has 90,000 citizens and offers many cultural amenities because of the University. In 10 minutes you can be out of the city limits in nearby state parks.
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