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From Davis, California — 06/26/2007

Overall it is a great place to work if you are in a high level exempt position. If you are in a non-exempt category it is a challenge to find the right department with the right management with the right kind of support. If you do find the right place for you then it can be a wonderful work experience.

There is a lot of favoritism and if you upset the wrong person, you might as well start looking for another position to transfer too. Schmoozing with the right people will sometimes get you farther than having certain education or skills. Simply working hard and doing your job and performing with excellence isnít always going to get you promoted.

I have yet to see the "work/life balance" available to employees except for those in exempt positions. I have seen very little flexibility with work hours, usually it's always M-F 8-5 no exceptions.

Benefits are great, but if you are in a non-exempt position and end up with serious health issues and need to take a lot of time off to take care of yourself and seek medical treatment, chances are you will eventually be pressured out of your job. Over the years in several different departments I have seen this happen to four of my coworkers who were experiencing different types of health issues.
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