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From Sarasota, FL — 07/12/2008

here in sarasota, I work in a processing center. My boss tells me that because i am th most junior supervisor, that i have to get everything done because it is cheaper to let the senior supervisors go home early or on time and I am not to hit the clock. I only get eight hours pay even though I may have to spend tem or twelve hours to get everything caught up. If anything goes wrong, I am reprimanded and berated. My benefits are good, we get health, life and retirement, sick leave and annual leave. e just can't get any time off to use them so there is a program that allows us to sell back the unused leave at the end of the year. My coworkers are ok and seem to know what to do but they do not share that knowledge. They tell me I just have to learn it like they did, the hard way. My hours and days off are constantly being changed and I always have to work the weekends. I usually get wednesday and tursday unless I have to work 6 days. I am told that if I want to make this a career that I have to sacrifice some things like giving extra work without pay. I am told that I am only paid for actually supervising not for doing the grievanes or pay records which are art of the every day work. Sarasota is nice but I have only been able to go to the beach 6 times in the last three years because of the job. I swear I wish I had stayed in the insurance industry instead but now I can't aford to start over with a different job.
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