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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Erie, PA — 04/25/2008

I am a PTF City Carrier with the USPS, and I actually enjoy my job.

Pay: Not bad at all, I started at $19.84 an hour and we get plenty of overtime!

Respect: Not too good, but for what they pay, and the fact that I dont see my supervisor for more than a couple hours a day, I can deal with it.

Benefits: Good benefits, best of both worlds, its a government job and a union job.

Job Security: The BEST! The USPS has never ever laid anyone off. They fire people but never lay anyone off.

Work/Life Balance: I work a lot of hours, but they pay for it so I am fine with it.

Career Growth: If you want to move up you can, but with overtime Carriers make more than the supervisors!

Location: Great location, I get to work a day job in my hometown.

Co-worker Competence: My fellow carriers know their job quite well, there are a few bad apples that take too much time off, but that goes with having a union.

Work Environment: I spend a majority of my time outdoors taking a long stroll. It really beats sitting behind a desk all day. Plus where I live and work, we have all four seasons so as long as you can deal with winter everything is fine.
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