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3.3Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment2

From houston, tx — 03/22/2006

Pay: not bad for the younger folks. 8.50 to start and you can get up to 10 within a year.
Respect: not much. you do good and your supervisor will give you even more work, and yell at you for being backed up even if you're working your hardest. (if you're a loader)
Benefits: excellent health/vision/dental ...earn and learn for students. free stuff every so often. free snacks every week.
Job Security: you'd have to be pretty worthless to get fired. employee retention is pathetic and they're usually short-staffed so even if you suck they'll keep you on. the union is pretty much job insurance.
Work/Life Balance: good since it's only part time
Career Potential: if you go driving you'll make good money or if you stay around long enough. you can move over to the management side but thats not worth getting pushed around for not making unrealistic quotas.
Location: jobs all over the country
Co-worker Competence: you will work with a whole lot of idiots
Work Environment: labor work isnt fun, but that's still horrible. you'll sweat like a dog in the summer and freeze in the winter. unsafe. watch out for sharp objects and falling boxes.
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