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From Buffalo, NY — 09/02/2009

Pay: You make 8.50 and hour, and if you are in a skilled position you get a $1 raise immediately. Not the best or worst. You have to start somewhere.

Respect: This is the worst part of UPS. No one really applauds good performances, only nagging you to no end on the bad ones. Huge rift between management and union- each blames the other for everything. I suppose it would be easier if they trained everyone correctly and actually promoted people that are "management" types.

Benefits: They are the best in the country. Period.

Job Security: Well our hub did lay some people off for 2 weeks but they are all back.

Work/Life Balance: there is nothing balanced at UPS. You either work til you drop or don't work at all.

Career Potential: There is not much out there if you are a hard worker and want to stay in the union and drive. You just have to wait your turn to go FT. But the opportunity is there.

Location: Its in the "hood" of Buffalo. Easy to find since there isn't much else around.

Co-worker competence. Lets see. Well they will promote anyone if you are someone. Not if you deserve it. It gets a little old complaining about management all the time too- all my union co-workers could do it better

Work Enviroment: Its hot. Its cold. Its a huge building. No one is ever happy with the tempurature inside. But that is anywhere you go.
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