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From Sacramento, CA — 09/09/2010

I read some of the reviews of the interview process and frankly was surprised. First of all, gasoline at $4.25 a gallon? clearly this person exagerates. I was in the room at that interview process as well. It sounds like someone's ego got brusied because they did not get selected. For the past 15 years I have been working as a Recruiter and have seen many company's interview in this manner. it is not uncommon and does not mean that a scam is going on. I was impressed that the interveiwers were so up front with everyone. insurance sales is almost always commission only and as such is up to the individual. If you are a "true sales personality", this is usually the way you will like to work, and you will know that earning $150,000. is very doable. However, I did not hear him promise that. He promised that you would earn $50,000. in your first year if you worked hard. So I don't know what room those other two were in, but clearly it was not the same one I was in. or maybe they just did not have the "listening skill", which is why they were not picked for this very important insurance sales job. This is not a scam, it is a job that could poetentially lead to a six figure income. for the right people, not order takers or admin people. if you cannot report the facts accurately, keep your opinions to yourself. no one cares about your sour grapes. pearly
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