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From Kingsport TN — 04/30/2010

I have worked for United Healthcare for two years. I think that overall it is a good company to work for. Yes, their benefits suck, however, for this area, they could have very well brought people in at minumum wage like every other call center, instead they start out at around $5 more than minimum wage, which is very good for this area. After being there only a year, I moved up to another position, so their is opportunity for growth. I do believe there is some favortism, some employees that they simply are afraid to terminate because they think they will retaliate and therefore they please them and ask you to please them to, however this type of stuff will happen anywhere you work. The are pretty flexible in working with you on your schedule, and if you prove that you are dependable and want to learn new things and move up, its definatly an option. Do I love my job? Yes! But there are some days I would say no as it is with any job. I do feel that there are a few people who deserve to be promoteed and aren't, and there are a few who they have promoted who have no clue what they are doing. Overall, the pay is good, the people are nice and the job itself isnt too bad for the pay, they just need to work on the benefits. Working for a Insurance company, we should have better insurance.
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