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From Chico — 07/11/2008

I have been working at UHG for 8 years now. I am also in the Rapid Resolution Department. I work at home, and have worked at home for about 5 years now. I must say..This company was one of the first companies to let staff work at home a few years ago...Now many companies have a work at home program. UHG is a good company..Yes there are problems, But I've never had a problem that hasn't been resolved. UHG does require a lot of its employees. One manager used to say " I dont care about efforts, I want to see goals exceeded." And they take that seriously...if you don't meet the goals for your job type, they will lay you off.
If you exceed your goals, you will never have a problem in this company.
On every performace evaluation I have exceeded goals. I now make almost 50,000
as a Phone representative working at home. I spend no money on gas, I work in the comfort of my home and I am very happy. Again, Some of the policies of UHG and decsions made by senior management often upset me, I still think this is a very good company...Don't apply though unless you are ready to give 150% each day..because they REQUIRE results or you'll be on the layoff list..and who could blame them?
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