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From ROANOKE VA — 09/21/2010

From Roanoke, VA 09/21/2010
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The Roanoke Call Center is a festering cesspool of mismanagement and melo-drama. Incomptence and incoherence with a big dose of tone deafness permiate the punitive atmosphere from the disgustingly filthy call floor to the disgustingly myopic so called "leadership."

If you want to work in a place with marginal benefits for a huge company, need a daily dose of "do as I say, not as I do", and think that low pay with no job advancement are a good career move, then this IS the place for you.

The so-called training and training manager, (AH) is a joke. You are expected to be perfect as she force feeds you "opportunites for improvement" while at the same time making judgments and pronouncements based on gossip and dysfunctional rumor mill BS, while not checking the facts as you get thrown under the bus. They are ripe fofr a union organizing effort and for laughs, I hope it happens, if for no other reason than to show these self aggrandizing legends in their own mind see just how out of touch with reality they are,(especially AH the training mgr). It would be funny to hear them say, "What just happened here"

UHG-Roanoke is a true expercise in futility where management says the words of corporate psycho-babble in one breath and in the next decry you when they could not do what you were tasked to do. Very out of touch. If you are going to stay here for any length of time, do not make eye contact and the monkeys won't attack you. But expect to be throen under the by incompetent, self serving dickfores who haven'y got a clue.

Also many new hires are the bottom of the barrel even in a bad economy. Those that are working here are smiling at the managers while plottng a way out, (including the contractors) So be prepared to have coworkers that are childish, self centered morons who aren't smart enough to pass a vision test, then complain to others that their own short falls are somebody else's responsibility.

If they go running to tattle on you based on nothing more than their own neurosis, you have to seat and eat your ration of sh-t or else. You are just supposed to play dumb and be overly happy and not notice how F'd up everything is. So be prepared to jump off this sinking stink hole of a ship at any time. If you are fat dumb and happy you will do just fine. Don't dare display your opposabable thumbs or they will be removed.

A word to the wise, even if you are desparate, avoid this place like Cherynoble. You will be glad you did.
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