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From Chicago, IL — 02/26/2010

After losing my job and being unemployed for over 18 months, I took a job with United. Yes, they pay is very low to start but over the last 5 years, it has steadily increased to the point that it's almost a living wage. I have a spouse with a decent income, so that helps a lot.

The hours are also terrible if you have children but mine are grown, so it doesn't matter that my "weekend" is in the middle of the week. Most of the people at the station in my city are good. Of course, there are some morons but that is anywhere you work. I used to work out in the elements, but since I am very computer literate, I am almost always inside now.

Many agents don't like the stress of working with the customers but I like being at the counter. I treat them with respect even after they stop treating me with respect but after a point I simply tell them "enough" and if they continue, airport security is there in a flash. Sure, I'd like my high-paying job back but I'm a Service Director now and that beats the hell out of the unemployment line. Also, we've seen a lot of the world for free now, so if you like travel, it can be a great perk.
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