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4.3Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From Canada — 02/14/2008

Pay: Depends on your role, experience, education. I think HR does a good job of paying within Canadian ranges by role. I also think that HR stays on top of this information and does their best to remain current.
Respect: Very professional company. I feel respected and I respect my coworkers completely.
Benefits: Pretty standard as far as IT companies go and comprehensive insurance plans today. The only people with pensions nowadays are teachers and government employees it would seem! They do have an RRSP match system which is excellent.We train extensively through Unisys University where staff can take an unbelieveable amount of excellent courses for development. Many of these courses are available online.
Job Security: Job security at Unisys is no different than anywhere else (publicly traded companies). Profitability and meeting publicized targets each quarter drives job security.
Work/Life Balance: I work a lot of overtime because I love my job and I feel what I put into it is what I'll get out of it. Although it would be nice to take it easy a bit more, we are in an age of PDA's and emails and you just have to be away for an hour to experience a work backlog! Still, if I don't want to work evenings and weekends, then I don't.
Career Potential: I think the management team has a willingness to promote competence, a positive attitude, leadership, and drive. Growth provides opportunities for advancement.
Location: Not bad. Need new phone system.
Co-Worker competence: Excellent. The culture is very much "can-do" and team-work. Tons of competence but sometimes a challenge to find the right person to talk to.
Work Environment: The culture at Unisys is (in my opinion)fantastic. I have worked for a lot of IT companies and this one is a gem. It operates a bit like a family. I've never seen a company be so loyal to their people.
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