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From Toronto, Ontario — 06/14/2010

I work for Unisource Canada. I noticed another review from Unisource Canada out of our montreal office (again a good review) We work under a different mgmt team than the US although they still report to Bain and to the UWW mgmt. I was really shocked to see the horrid reviews for the US. We have very low turnover in the canadian offices because the working environment is very good, better than any company I have ever worked for. We have always been profitable in Canada and quite frankly the mgmt team here treats all employees with respect and appreciation for their work...they actively seek input from operations. You are held accountable for your results but you are given the tools and support you need to succeed. There is more overtime than I would like but we are very lean and quite frankly I don't know any jobs anymore where that isn't the case...sign of the times I am afraid. I am glad I work for the Canadian operation and not the U.S.!! What a shame for my counterparts in the states.
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