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From Pleasanton, ca — 11/20/2008

With the economy in its current state, I am one that not only appreciates what I have personally, but also appreciates the fact we still have a job to report to. If the employee aka (the follower, represented by a union because they cant think for themselves)thinks the Managers, Supervisors and CEO are so terrible, then its a no brainer that they should resign now, get their own business and try to operate a company, see a positive return at the bottomline and make all their employees happy. Its called work for a reason dumb dumb, and if you dont like to work for all the yahoo's and Geritol crowd, then step up to the plate and be part of "change" or QUIT!! Unless you are held captive in your place of employement and treated like a slave, I beleive you are employeed at will, and noone will stop you from leaving. Your type of negative attutide brings down the rest of the employees that enjoy their jobs and continue to do a great job in our current enviornment.
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