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From Pocatello, Idaho — 08/02/2010

As a wife of a railroader, I find some of the reviews appalling. Come on, you walked into this job with your eyes wide open, you know what was going to happen and what was expected of you! Yes the hours suck, and the work/family life situation sucks, and I understand it is hard to be able to do anything as as family, but for goodness sake, you have 90 minutes to report for work once you have been called, so unless you are at Disneyland, (which you should have laid off for) you have plenty of time to finish your family outing. As for being called all the time for different jobs... you put in for the job.. suck it up! You were told in the very beginning, even on you application page, that you were expected to be on call 24/7 365 days a year, any kind of weather and job surrounding... you knew it yet still went for the job. QUIT COMPLAINING.

No, the managers aren't very nice, but find me any job were they are. No, they wont "pour money into your pockets", you may actually have to work for that. No, you may not always work, my husband has been laid of for a year and a half and has just now been called back. But I tell you what... you will NEVER get better medical coverage, you will NEVER get better retirement, and you will NEVER find better security in the long run for your family working for any other company than UP.

If you hate your job, QUIT... try and find another job, especally in this economy, that will be as good as UP. SUCK IT UP AND DEAL or QUIT SO THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY WANT TO WORK AND APPRECIATE THEIR JOBS, BUT ARE FURLOUGHED, CAN WORK.
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