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From Omaha, NE — 01/11/2010

This is a company to retire with! I work in Omaha, Nebraska at the headquarters building. There is a vast amount of opportunity, good pay and great benefits. If you come to our building, you will find a good part of our workforce retiring. Once you hire on with UP, you stay. It astonishes me when people tell me they have worked for this company for 30, 35 and even 40 years! You donít find that everywhere.

Yes, we are going through some hard times, just like every other company. We have many people furloughed, but this is our industry. Our hires/employees are based on the business we foresee us having. With the economy where it is, it puts a lot of union employees out of work.

The railroads will recover! There is a reason why Warren Buffet bought one. He believes there is a strong future!
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