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From Tulsa — 02/15/2010

Employee happiness depends on who is currently managing. Managers get hired/fired/moved monthly. Iíve had good and bad managers. It is a cut-throat commission based sales/installing staff. You have to really watch your back because someone will try to steal your sale every day. Money is good if you have customers coming through the door. Stress and anger are prominent with this store. It seems to trickle down from management. They used to have really nice company competitions/incentives before the bankruptcy. Now the venders hold smaller competitions. The medical benefits arenít really worth having unless you are terminally ill. It never really saved me that much money and cost as much or more than most other better plans . You are treated like a machine for the most part, and you will not always get paid for everything you do there. If you are willing to work hard, can deal with the B.S., have no problem with fighting/stabbing your co-workers in the back, and donít have no life outside of work, then you can earn a decent salary from low thirtyís to somewhere in the 80ís for the top sellers. You will also shave a few years off your life span too. BTW Customer Service Rep jobs donít pay shit.
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