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From ULTA NEWBIE — 08/16/2010

WOW! A friend of mine told me to check out this site, she said the reviews were pretty bad, but damn!! Most of them are for retail. I've never worked a day of retail in my life, I have however, been a hair stylist for 10yrs. The complaints I saw from stylists were really sad. Poor leadership can kill a stylist quicker than anything I've ever seen, I left my last salon because of it. Lets keep it real though, no matter what company you do hair for, if you've got "IT", your gonna shine. I hate to be the one to say it but if the clients aren't coming back thats on You.

PAY totally average for a salon. If your new to a company you don't get to start out on top, if you can't climb up thats your problem.

RESPECT Demand respect and you'll get it.

BENEFITS totally average

JOB SECURITY does anyone have that now a days?

WORK/LIFE BALANCE I keep the two seperate and it magically works

CAREER GROWTH I've jumped two levels in 8 months. We started out with NO salon leader, we've turned it all the way around... But then again we are doers and not talkers...

All I'm saying is I'm totally bummed about all the crappy mngrs and bad experiences, but I've had a blast building my skills, clientele, my gurls, and our salon into the awesome place it is today. Maybe some of these people (not all) should take a look at their role in 'the most horrible experience of their lives'!
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