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From TX — 05/31/2010

I read all these reviews before I applied to ULTA and am glad that I ignored them.

I have been employed part-time by ULTA for about a year while studying at a local university full-time. As a beauty consultant, I work the registers and walk the floor - and clean the restrooms. It's a little ridiculous that some people think they're above cleaning restrooms, as you *are* working in a retail store for what, around $8/hour for most? So pretentious.

I love the managers at my location and the people I work with. They are personable, professional, and I even consider some of my coworkers to be close friends. For some, this makes for a high-drama workplace, but that sort of problem is not one caused by the corporation.

The goals are completely reasonable and easy to meet if you exert even the smallest effort. As for Instyle subscriptions, it's only a scam if your intent is to submit the request on the register before the customer understands that he/she must contact Instyle to stop the magazines from arriving. Explain to them how it works clearly, and answer their questions courteously. It's your choice to let them be ignorant or not.

As a part-time employee and full-time student, I only expect 15-20 hours a week (which I get, and sometimes more). Not all ULTA locations are as terrible as reviews here make it seem. The managers are understanding and don't have the authority to hand out raises often even to those who deserve them. They are at the mercy of the corporate just as much as we are. However, I feel that I must mention that in my short time working here, I *have* received a raise...

As for having to tote around clear bags for possessions, it's true, and it's not exactly humiliating since the managers have to do the same. It's protocol - get over it. As for cameras in the bathrooms (it was mentioned on here somewhere), it's a myth.
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