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From Maryland — 01/10/2010

I've been with Ulta for a few months now, and all in all, this is the best retail job I've ever had.

However.... Employees of Ulta are treated like criminals on probation. Never, in 15 years of working, have I ever been looked at with such a suspicious eye. Workers are forbidden from carrying purses or bags unless they are clear plastic. When you leave the store, you must stand at the front door in front of the cameras and allow a manager to rifle through your bag, turn out your pockets, and you're even required to un-zip your jacket, to prove you aren't stealing anything. It's equally humiliating and rage inducing. I have keys to the store, alarm codes, safe codes and am responsible for thousands of dollars every day, yet corporate is convinced that if I wasn't strip searched every night, I'd leave with a $5 lipstick in my pocket.

On the plus side, we get a great discount, good pay, tons of gratis (free products), discounted and free salon services, monetary bonuses for good sales (management only), and fab benefits. The job is pretty easy, and you don't have to work crazy hours or wear ugly uniforms. As long as you can keep the gossip and employee cat fighting to a minimum (hard in an all-female store, I know), it's a fun and friendly place. Even the customers are unusually friendly and pleasant.
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