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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From Philly Burbs — 09/18/2009

Last year this place really sucked!! People calling out all the time. Me left to do all the work. Managers never worked, they stayed in the office or left early and the store was filthy. We had no DM for a while and our GM was a complete idiot. Around the fall we got a new DM and a new GM. Since then things are better and its not a bad place to work. The GM actually listens to us and we see the DM every few weeks. He talks to us and seems nice, asks what he can do for us...WOW... I asked for a raise and he did not give it to me. Something about waiting till next year, that BS. At least it seems like the DM and GM care about this place for once and the store is cleaner. Even a few other stores around us are cleaner too. Still too many shoplifters and druggies coming in. I hate having to stay in fragrance to prevent theives from stealing.
If they paid more I would try to get into a managers role.
They need more 40% employee days.
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