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From Los Angeles, Califor — 06/26/2008

I recently lost my job at UCLA due to racial discrimination. I was one of the only African American employees in my particular department. The food service industry was fine, the students we served were fine, but my co-workers and supervisors were very difficult to deal with. Upon getting hired, the first thing I noticed was the segregation which I initially intended to ignore, but as time went on, this became increasingly difficult. I was being alienated from most all of my co-workers which hampered the communication and obliterated all potential trust. I was often forced to take my breaks at certain times in order to accommodate my co-workers who wanted to eat their lunches together. These breaks were determined by senior employees and not managers or supervisors. During my time there I was instructed not to complain about strange or unusual or things I simply did not agree with. I became intimidated and did not speak up when my supervisor started disrespecting me. Day after day, my supervisor would bump into me with roller carts, step on my foot, or in a haste push me while trying to get by me. Never once did my former supervisor excuse himself or apologize. Weeks went by and the perpetual disrespect continued. I observed how he treated other employees, often laughing and joking with them, while he remained very stern with me. At times I'd speak to him, and he'd act as if he never heard me. I'd often have to take the bulk of the work load having to carry heavy boxes, take orders, and prepare food all in one setting. I sustained many cuts and bruises and was never really assisted on anything despite the fact that we were all supposed to be a team. One day after my supervisor ran into with another roller cart, I decided I was no longer going to get mistreated. I confronted my supervisor and calmly asked him why he treated me differently than my co-workers. He denied my claims and involved other workers by asking them if they believed my accusations to be true, they all claimed to be oblivious of my claims and later after clocking out for the day, I was called into the office and inevitably permanently dismissed. I then knew why I was dismissed but also knew I was going to have difficulty proving my case. I scheduled an appointment with the Office of Affirmative Action and had my claims investigated. There was only one person willing to testify on my behalf and she even came forward with proof that my former supervisor was racist, presenting a report from several years prior after overhearing a conversation between him and another supervisor regarding the dismissal of all African American employees in order to make the working environment "clean". My witness was dismissed and so was my case. I then went to the Employee Union and spoke with a union worker who investigated my case. After talking to all of my co-workers, supervisors, and managers,again my case was dismissed because it appeared that no one was willing to admit to discrimination or testify on my behalf. I eventually let my frustration get the better of me and gave up. It has not been a secret that a majority of the staff has been and still is racist. I thought briefly that the situation could have been my fault, but upon reflection, I remembered that I was never late, never took long breaks, was willing to stay overtime, was never belligerent or disrespectful to neither the students nor my co-workers. I've seen many of my co-workers do all of those things at some time or another and none of them were reprimanded or warned in any fashion. My dismissal was racially discriminatory and I can only hope no one else is forced to endure what I had to endure. I was angry initially but realized leaving is the best thing that has happened to me.
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