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From Los Angeles, Califor — 02/12/2008

I get paid well for what I do. We have a union which does have some stupid-a** rules, like you are only able to get a raise of a certain percent of your current income. This has held me back from a promotion because my current salary and the beginning salary of the new job were to disparate. The University as a whole values it’s employees which shows in our above-average benefits, life/work balance seminars, flextime and a department entirely devoted to help each and every one of us succeed in our career and home life. My personal job security is high because what I do is very specialized. With the current budget cuts in the state, the University has chosen to lower our regular raises rather than lay people off. While a lower raise may suck, wouldn’t being out of work be worse?! I would rather get no raise at all than lose my job. This university has many opportunities for those that wish to move up the ladder and all you have to do is ask for them. From education credits to career counseling, they provide it all. This is LA so location, no matter where you are, sucks. We pay for parking, sit in traffic and suffer each and every day on our way to work and home. However, we do have a Transportation Office which will help you with everything from planning a bus route, finding a vanpool and even finding a carpooling partner in your area. My work areas are great for my field. They are clean and tidy most of the time and most people care about what they do. My co-worked competency is lacking in many areas and I mostly blame the union and the few that preach it’s benefits. Those people have the attitude of entitlement that I see in so many people these days, the opinion that this employer somehow OWES it to us to give us raises, promotions and anything else we want. The truth of the matter is, you should WORK for what you DESERVE, not deserve it just for being here. This University owes us nothing but our paycheck at the end of the months. All the other things they offer are because they CARE. If you think you are being slighted you only have to look at yourself, your behavior, your attitude and your record as an employee. We are not OWED respect, WE EARN IT. You will get respect as a human being but as far as moving up the ladder here, you need to show you care and are capable to do the job. You should not get a promotion just because you have been here for 20 years. Buck up and EARN IT!! ** Bottom line: this is a great place work if you care about what you do and want to participate in the success of the University. If you are in it just for yourself, you do not belong here. This University is the epitome of TEAMWORK and with teamwork sometimes come sacrifice. But the rewards are, in the immortal words of Ferris Bueller, “Sooo choice!”
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