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From Irvine, CA — 12/07/2007

The pay was really good and was the reason I left my company of 8 years.

The respect from my group was zero. Benefits were excellent. Job security was a joke... this was another reason I felt comfortable leaving my job of 8 years because I was told by Toni that they did not kick people to the curb if it didn't work out that they would find another job for me. That was a Big Fat Lie! After 2 months I was "Let Go" and it has been almost 7 months and I haven't been able to find another job AND I have applied to over 325 jobs since May.

The Work/Life Balance was fine because it was close to my house and the hours were good.

Within the department I don't think there was room to grow only because I don't think Toni was planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

Co-worker competence... hmmm... well I guess they knew their jobs well enough, but were very rude and not really people friendly people; the type that put on a good smile and then cut you off at the knees if you don't think like they do.

Work Environment... VERY, VERY, STRESSFUL!!! I never knew when Toni was going to bite my head off for asking a question at the wrong time... according to her.

Toni was very stressed in her position, always, and they carried out onto everyone around her... mostly me. I feel that one day she is going to have a heart attack because she is sooooooooo stressed and grouchy. Until Toni leaves, I wouldn't recommend anyone working in that department.
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