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From Nashville, tn — 06/26/2009

worked in one of there call centers for several years. Organization and communication was terrible and frustrating. They would not listen to suggestions for improvement. They wanted to maintain status quo because they felt any changes would raise expenses which was untrue more importantly suggestions were not entertained because the mrgs felt they knew it all and needed no suggestions and also they were afraid that their performances would come under scrutiny if an audit was performed so lets not rock the boat or it mite be discovered that im actually doin a bad job type thing. There were porcesses in place that cause poor, poor client treatment and our leaders could have really cared less. So the csr caught all the hell yet was 99% from these clients. it was pure torture and hell. Pay was good. benefits was good. Stress and burn out was HIGH. Im kinda proud that i had the fortitude to stick with it as long as i did but at the same time i question my self worth for having tolerated that spirit killing stress for so many years-was i stupid for staying so long? Idk. Man, im having flash backs. Those were some bad days! Got to think happy thoughts, quick.
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