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From Indiana — 02/04/2010

For not having a degree, 12/hr for a security company isn'y bad. So far, I have been fine with the upper management, supervisor to worker wise. They may claim to have benefits but trust me, it's a lot more out of your pocket than theirs. Of course you work contract for other companies so your job or hourly rate isn't promised. So far they have been pretty good about scheduling around my personal life and National Guard life. This isn't the company to join if you are looking for growth. This is a job more for the person that is content with low wages, going to school and making some money on the side, or if they are already retired and have nothing else to do and want to work. The training isn't as good as they claim. We watch a slide show, take a multiple choice test that a third grader could do. They've messed up on my check numerous times and like to hire people as soon as they walk in the door. I've seen them re-hire the ones the've fired before. You get 3 pairs of uniforms and they do get worn out pretty fast. The company we work for is government so they do make US security associates do things they don't want to do (provide benefits, have a company vehicle etc.) I'm sure if we didn't have a contract with this company, US Security would be treating us a lot worse right now but right now, they kind of act like our angels.
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