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From Kinston, NC — 11/05/2009

This is your typical security job in eastern NC. With the job market as it is at least it is dependable. The pay is only slightly above average for the area and the benefits are OK and in line with other security companies for the most part. The interview, selection, and training process was above the norm from other companies I've worked for. I found their trainers to be effective in presenting the material. The companyís use of live on-line training and testing was unique, much better than the training Iíve experienced in the past with other companies. After 3 days at their local branch office for processing and training I then spent 2 days on my assigned site at a training wage. As I said before, benefits could be better since insurance is really more of a discount plan that can be payroll deducted if you want it. It was explained to me when hired that vacation pay was based on the hours worked and even part-time officers eventually receive a vacation check. Uniforms were given to me on the last day of training in the office. They do deduct from your check a cleaning fee but the actual uniform items were provided free. It was explained that it wasnít required to turn the uniforms in clean. The uniforms are good, the material the pants are made of was changed recently and seem to be better quality. As with other security companies I've worked for you have to pay for the background check. The check was able to be done in the office during the 3 days of processing. In past employment with other companies I had to run around and get certified record checks from where Iíd lived so I liked this. This cost was also deducted from my paycheck. The individual registration costs (fingerprints, state registration, etc) are also payroll deducted but explained up front . I was not promised a specific shift since I was hired as full-time, but I was told I would work the 2nd shift unless I wanted to change when another shift or site came open or if a situation on site required this to be changed. My site working environment is good, my coworkers are great and Iíve had no complaints with the branch management since beginning work.
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