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From Norfolk VA — 05/16/2010

Pay/benefits: For all practical purposes of a job, i.e. money, benefits, food and a place to live, the navy has so far taken care of me and then some. I am junior enlisted and unmarried.

Respect: Most higher ups seem normal to me and will talk to you from an equal level, as a human being. However there are some guys out there who take themselves really seriously and have a complex about belittling people with less rank then them. To them you are like a child subordinate. It varies from encounter to encounter and station to station.

Job security: You can get in trouble for the stupidest things, and therein lies my biggest problem with the navy. It's so anal retentive in trying to create this professional, sensitive environment that will never exist anywhere you have human beings working together. Try robots. We all know each other in my division, but if the wrong random person see's or hears something you can get in huge trouble. People go to captains mast and I have been threatened with mast for the dumbest crap.

Work/Life balance: It varies. You may work 8 hour days with 3 on 4 off or 4 on 3 off. You may work 20 hours a week. You may work 12 hour shifts 5 days a week, or longer (especially when deployed.) During the week I have time to eat, work out and chill in my room before sleep. Some people don't even have that. It takes a lot away for what seems like no reason to me at times. We have a lot of downtime in my division and for a while you're thinking "What the **** are we still doing here," or "why do we need three people to change a battery in a smoke detector," until you get used to it and understand that you are there to make your chief look good.

Career Growth: Some guys retire and get lush jobs working as civilian contractors in repair centers or in admin jobs. They seem to have a lot. I have met some. With 4 years navy, I might be able to get a decent security job, but nothing specific to my rate since it turned out that I don't do the job I signed up for, or trained for. That happens a lot in the military, incidentally. The work I do is very boring and without the benefit of travel since I work at a squadron. If you want to travel more than anything, I'd say pick a surface rate and get orders to a small boy, I hear they visit the most ports, and surface guys always have the best stores.
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