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From HI — 12/03/2009

To be honest the navy as a whole isnt a bad job, great benefits hard to get fired. You will put up with a ton of b.s. but if you can stick with it for 20 years and retire youre good to go. Unfortunately I absolutely hate my job and working conditions. The shop is horribly undermanned, we got two maintainers and an aircrewman assigned to my shift to fix avionics on 2-5 airplanes (designed in 1959 from a civilian aircraft) with electronics mostly from the early 70s to 80s. And if equipment isnt working and the job doesnt get done youre f***ed. Ive been in 3 different p-3 squadrons and can say that morale is usually good for admin types but miserable for maintenance people. Ive also definately seen a lot of people get crucified at captains mast for minor offenses like liberty violations. The navy doesnt protect its own, this is a word of caution. But a lot of its luck, you can go to some great places and have a good time in have the right circumstances.
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