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From Pensacola, Fl — 10/20/2009

Did no one else actually research the Navy before signing the dotted line? I mean, use google, and some common sense. I have no idea why everyone hates it so bad. I'm single, no kids, and plenty of options. I chose the Navy specifically for the Nuke field. The Nuke field, like the Navy, isn't for everyone. This website isn't even really fair because the Navy isn't a job, it's a LIFESTYLE. You have to be a hardworker, AND have a good attitude. Like all other jobs I know, you start at the bottom, and work your way up. Imagine that. You want respect? Earn it. Everyone started right where you are. You get paid based upon your rank. (Again, small at first, and gets bigger as you progress) Without rent, medical expenses, etc., it's really not that hard to "make ends meet". The benefits are good, not the BEST out there, but they're good. Very comprehensive. I like going into work everyday knowing I won't be laid off. If you don't progress, after a few years, they will get rid of you, because if you work hard, then you WILL progress, if you don't work hard, you will not progress. However, again, I'm not worried about losing my job. Work/Life balance is non existent for enlisted, especially with married couples. I wouldn't recommend it for married people. Career growth is definitely a five, I've been promoted within days of meeting requirements EVERYTIME a promotion comes up. Pick a job that you can make rank easily in. Location is one of those things that get better with time served. You have more of a say so in where you go, when you... progress. Much like the real world where people have senority in regular 9-5s. Yes, the navy didn't just come up with that system all on their own, people have been using that system for years. Co-worker competence depends on your co-workers, that's why the non hard workers don't get promoted and get weeded out, so you don't have incompetent co-workers. Work Environment all depends on you. Yes, you. If you hate working in heat, do not sign up to work as a cook, in the hot ass kitchen. If you hate the water, DO NOT JOIN THE NAVY. It's common sense. Most of the people complaining on here are doing so because of problems they themselves created. Why would you listen to a recruiter and take one man's word for it? Would you buy a house without inspecting it? Did you think everyone got to go whereever they wanted to in the Navy? Seriously? And don't tell me that you really thought they were going to pay you six figures straight out of boot camp. Stop it. My advice is to actually research the military. Everyone knows someone in the military. Maybe it's time you had a straightforward talk with them. It's not all roses and ice cream, but seriously, it is not that bad. Thank you for my laugh of the day.
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