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From Camp Lejeune, NC — 06/11/2010

The benefits are awesome. You get free health care while you're on active duty. I utilized it to get lasik eye surgery. The GI Bill is incredible. It pays full tuition at any public university in your state.

Camp Lejeune can be boring, but we still had some great times.

The work environment can be pretty harsh, especially if you're in an infantry unit. My best advice is to not go infantry so you don't have to be around all that stress.

Competence is really important in the Marine Corps, which means there's a lot of pressure to perform. Of course, that's what makes us the best branch in the military.

Getting promoted is pretty straight forward. Just stay out of trouble, complete your educational courses, get a high physical fitness test score, shoot well on the range, and you'll get promoted a lot. If you do all those things, you can make Sergeant in under four years.

The job security is solid. The only guys who get fired are those who get into serious trouble for committing a crime.

Respect is all about rank, which is good motivation to get promoted. The higher you're rank, the less people mess with you. The best part about the respect, though, is that your Marine Corps service will make you really competitive for civilian jobs. Employers know that a Marine will be dedicated.

The pay is actually not that bad when you consider the free health care, along with the fact that you can save up money during deployments. I deployed three times in four years so I was able to save a lot for civilian life.
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