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From Camp Lejeune, NC — 01/11/2010

I spent 6 yrs active duty and over 4 out since then. I can tell you the Marines was a better work environment overall then the civilian jobs I have had. Sure we went to the field a lot, I even went to Iraq. But it beats sitting in a dang cubicle all day filling out time sheets. All I heard while I was in was about that big civilian pay, well that is a lie. I made a LOT more in the Marines. So did all my buddies that have gotten out. And after you pay your dues, you will find you get more freedom and independence then you would at a corporation. I know if has its down sides too. I've done two deployments and they can get old. I've met the best and worst people of my life in the Marines (mostly other officers).

But if you are on the fence about staying in, think it through. The corporate world will not care what you did as a Marine. They also will not give you the opportunities to lead that the Marine Corps will. That's why 90% of us that are out wish we were still in. Enjoy it and be safe out there Marines! Semper Fi.
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