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From Tulsa, OK — 12/18/2009

I'm apalled that there are so many of you who, for whatever reason, decided to join the Marine Corps. Prime example is that last (or first) post about the guy who went to a war that he didn't believe in. Then why in God's green earth did you join the Marines in the first place, you sackless chimp? I KNOW they don't hold a gun to your head when you enlisted, so obviously you put yourself in a bad position, not anyone else.

Pay... I find it to be pretty damn good. For you uneducated Leathernecks, go to your MOL and click on the PMCS tab. This will tell you exactly what you would be making in the civilian sector given all your benefits, free food / housing you get. As an E-6, I make the equivalent of $67,000 a year. Living in the Tulsa, OK area, this is a VERY good amount of money. Even as an E-3, you're making the equivalent of $40,000, so why are you whining about it? Stop spending it on strip joints and tattoos and you'll have more money than you thought you did. Those $1600 a month someone was complaining about? Guess what, that's all pocket money. Your rent / mortgage is paid for... your food is paid for... all you have to worry about is your car and cellphone.

Respect... as an E-6 Staff Sergeant, I had to put up with being an E-1 to E-3 just like the rest of you whiny little fairies, but guess what. If you act like a man and suck it up, you'll get to that E-4 that you used to curse and cry in your pillow about. You think you just GET respect coming out of boot camp? And how can you earn it by "walking away from a Lieutenant" (not that I like Lieutenants myself). You have to give it to earn it.

Benefits and Job Security? A+. There's no denying this.

Work / Life Balance... this is personally my only gripe. You WILL have to submit a lot of hours and sacrifice to do what you're supposed to, and the Marine Corps will demand a lot of your time, sweat and blood, but it will reward you just the same.

Career Potential / Growth ... If you put your effort in the work and uniform, you WILL get rewarded. I've never been an ass-kisser either. Ask my CO and my MSgt and my SgtMaj what they think of me, and they'll tell you I pull no corners. I take no shortcuts. And I don't pour anyone's coffee. Never did. But I got where I needed to be through hard work, and it has paid off tremendously.

Location ... This is mostly a luck issue. You can get sent to Hawaii just as easy as you can get sent to Jacksonville, NC.

Co-Worker Competence... For most of you cryers and whiners, you probably got that way from your idiot friends who brainwashed you into thinking the Marine Corps treats you too harshly. I personally have worked with a LOT of idiots myself, but I've worked with some of the brightest and respectful people that I could've ever met in the civilian world. You all that enlisted right out of high school must think that working in the civilian sector is also a bed of roses and that the old lady that'll be your manager will bring you cookies to your house every week. I can't wait until you get out.

Work environment... this goes along with the Co-Worker Competence. Your environment is dictated by the people you work with, because of all the real Marines who can take a little bit of an ass-chewing and can stand up to people tactfully when "picked on" are the real reason we join. To be surrounded by good, moral characters. By whining and crying to random anonymous people, you're not solving the problem. You're just another Code-Pink resolver.

Semper Fi
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