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From Camp Lejeune, NC — 04/15/2009

I was in college and broke. I needed an out so I enlisted in the Marine Corps. I realized my first night of boot camp that I had made a mistake. However, I was bound and determined to make the best out of it and thus far, three and a half years later, it has worked out well.

First off, yes, the pay is not that great. It is not, however, as bad as many Marines like to say. I make more than all of my bosses at Joe-jobs I've had in the past. The health benefits are not the best but they are also not bad. Just like any health insurance or dental insurance available to civilians, sometimes you have to ask more than once to get the treatment you want. You cannot beat the price. Averange benefits by comparison but the price is FREE.

People who think that there is little respect for Marines need to get away from either (1) military towns with installations nearby or get away from whatever anti-American liberal city they are near. I have met few people who don't at least respect me for wearing the uniform despite their political views on the war and our presence throughout the world.

I have one thing to say about job security. You have to try to lose this job. The only way out other than fulfilling the contract that you sign to enlist is to either get injured or commit an offense or offenses that would give you an other than honorable, bad conduct or dishonorable discharge.

Work/life balance sucks. No way around that. But in this job you are required to serve in order to accomplish the mission whatever it may be. I wake up before the sun and i don't get home until after the sun has gone. Ask your local plumber if he does the same.

This job has good career potential. This is the easiest job out there. All you have to do is show up where you are supposed to be with a shave in the proper uniform. Next thing you know you are recommended for promotion, put up for awards, and given the opportunity to compete on boards. All it takes to progress in the Marine Corps is a little initiative and patience.

Camp Lejeune and the surrounding area of Jacksonville is just like any other military town. Full of barber shops, tattoo parlors and "on the lot financing" car lots. I cannot speak of other duty stations but I imagine them to be similar. Not ideal I know.

Okay, just like any job from McDonalds to Microsoft, you may be smarter than your co-workers. Prove it to your bosses and you will be your co-workers boss. Simple as that.

Work environment varies from one Marine to the next. You could work in a shop, garage, office, motor pool, or out in the field. None of these are ideal compared to your house or room. Enough said.

So yes like I said I realize my joining was a mistake. I wasn't willing to let it ruin my life. I strived to be great at being a Marine and I have been. I have picked up rank and a few personal awards on the way. I have gotten to see parts of the world I never would have gotten the opportunity to see otherwise. I also have a family and have the whole time I've been a Marine. My wife and daughter are worth more than what the Corps can offer. That is why I am leaving. Lastly, an enlistment is just a contract to work and do what you are told. It is not a jail sentence. If you maintain a positive outlook then you will make it out a better person. If you treat it like a jail sentence and have a bad attitude and don't go with the flow, then there is a great chance that you will not enjoy your time in the Corps. If joining the Marine Corps doesn't show you what you would rather be doing for employment, at least it will guarantee you know what you do not want to do.
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