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From Everywhere, currently Okinawa — 03/30/2009

I noticed these reviews were done mostly by angry lance corporals who needed a place to vent. I can understand the frustration, for I as well have been treated poorly at times by those above me, and there is little to say or do if you want to keep your rank and pay. Im an E-4 who has been on multiple deployments and my time will soon be finished with the Marine Corps.

With that being said this is neither a largely positive or negative review, my marks are mostly neutral because for as many poor leaders who dont care about you there a excellent people who care about your well being. There are many days where I hate everything about my job, but in spite of that I continue to improve myself and strive for perfection.

So basically like evrything in life, it is what you make it and decisions affect your life greatly. For the belligerent and old individual who is 34 when he joined the reserves, that was a poor decision which was not improved by his poor attitude. Complaining on the internet is not going to improve your situation, but some of the points made were accurate. There are certainly negative things about this organization, and these negatives will be worse if you make poor decisions and decide not to better yourself. If you are a strong individual however, the Marine Corps cant hold you down. On a sidenote, the reserves is also the worst way of being in the Marine Corps due to poor promotion rates and mostly less than outstanding Marines, althlough there are exceptions. I have had largely poor experiences with reservists in the fleet, and that is how I formed this opinion.

The Marine Corps wont give you a great life, but on the flip side it will not ruin your life unless you let it.
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