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From 29 Palms, Ca — 03/25/2009

Most of the people commenting are below the rank of E4 and have not experienced all the benefits of being a Marine. There is always bad days, and there are always retarded bosses, but there are also stellar people that become life long friends, and can share the same terrible times you had as a Private-Lance Corporal.

I am able to goto school full time (12 credits per semester) and own two houses (North Carolina, California) and two paid off cars (02 Suzuki, 07 civic), so in reality the Marine Corps only benefits those who are willing to take the time to investigate the hidden perks.

I dont love the Corps but I understand that for an individual like me it offers me alot of things.

Theres no way to beat around the bush, going to war sucks--theres no way around that. But your going to deploy ALOT no matter which branch your in.

ON a side note, I've had laser surgery for my eyes, a bad gall bladder removed, and my wife has had a reduction and braces put in for nearly free.

Semper Fi-
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