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From Camp Pendleton — 02/06/2009

I have been on both sides of the Marine Corps. Enlisted for 8+ years (Pvt to SSGT) and a Warrant Officer for -22 years. The Corps is what you make of it. The first few years is tough, because you are the snuffy. You get promoted when you rate to get promoted. If you work hard, get good Pro/Con marks and good fitness reports, you will get promoted with or ahead of your peers. The pay is getting much better, I started out at $200 twice a month cash in my pocket, but I finished making $9500.00 a month. Respect; I got the respect that I deserved, when I was a $#!tbird LCpl, I got crapped on a lot. I learned my lesson when WAY less qualified guys got promoted and I got to work for them as a LCPL! I got selected for a couple of choice billets, then made WO and retired a CWO5. I always take care of my Marines, and have had several of them chop the limb off I was standing on by taking care of them. Job Security is great, as long as you perform, same goes for growth potential. NO ONE would have dreamed that I would go as far as I did when I was a LCPL. Work Location::: can't beat SoCal!! I've been blessed with having great Marines around me, along with a few SB's, but they evaporate soon enough. I've had a couple crappy bosses too, but in the long run, they are all good for your character growth. Work/Life balance isnt as bad as some seem to think. If you take care of your business and ensure that your spouse knows the score, she/he wont be screwing everyone in town when you are gone. Sure it happens, but that person would do the same thing on the outside too. Long Story Short, Being a Marine is the best thing that ever happened to me. Semper Fi
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